When people think of electric companies in Midland, TX, a renewable energy company may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But here’s the deal: Even here, where life often seems defined by the ebb and flow of oil, Midland residents and industry experts are taking a look at the effect fossil fuels are having on both the the environment and their high electricity bills.

For a lot of people, LifeEnergy — a renewable energy electricity supplier with fixed rates, competitive pricing, and 100% renewable energy plans — presents solutions to these issues. Discover the future of electric companies in Midland, TX and make the LifeSwitch today!

Industry experts have built a renewable energy company that helps you save money.

Let’s do a quick survey about the last time you looked into electric companies in Midland. Were you able to answer, “Yes” to all of the following questions?

  • Was everything about the contract you wound up signing made clear?
  • Based on your electricity usage, were you able to estimate, with confidence, the amount that would show up on your monthly bill?
  • What about the electricity rates in Midland? Were (truly) fixed-rate plans available?
  • Did the renewable Texas energy companies explain what actually happens when you choose a plan that offsets your electricity usage with 100% renewable energy sources?

At LifeEnergy, we understand that most energy-buying experiences are frustrating. That’s why, with us, you can:

  • Sign a jargon-free contract.
  • Expect the expected when you open their electricity bill.
  • Choose a fixed-rate plan with rates that are truly fixed
  • Learn what it means to pick a plan that offsets their electricity usage with 100% renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy empowers the Permian Basin and its residents

As you may have heard, in November 2018, Exxon signed the largest renewable power contract ever: 500 megawatts of wind and solar power in the Permian Basin. The winds of energy change are literally blowing through to West Texas, and they’re blowing at a good time for energy customers, too.

Texas electricity companies operate in a deregulated energy market, making it possible for Midland residents to choose their electricity supplier (instead of being required to use the local utility). In other words, whether you’re purchasing electricity for your home or business electricity, you can now pick a renewable plan that will fit your budget.

To make a sweet deal sweeter, switching to energy consumption offset by 100% renewable energy is about as easy as finding sand in the desert.

Make the LifeSwitch with LifeEnergy and get the same reliable energy service you’re used to at a consistent, reliable rate. Without missing a beat, you’ll be able to keep your house and office cool and well-lit, all while knowing that you’re making a difference.

Sign up with LifeEnergy and change electric companies in Midland, TX for the better.

Without a doubt, the average Midland resident is more educated about electric companies than most people. That’s why we’re confident that the more you find out about LifeEnergy, the more excited you’ll be about the work LifeEnergy is doing.

Keep Midland at the forefront of energy, save yourself some cash, and help maintain the health of the planet. All it takes is 1 click and 5 minutes to sign up!

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