You’ve got the power to choose.

Delaware new movers: If you’re in the Delmarva Power service area, it’s critical to understand one thing: you get to choose who supplies your electricity. Make the move to LifeEnergy, and we’ll guarantee your new residence will be ready to welcome you into your new home. Plus, choose from a portfolio of electricity products that fit your LifeStyle – short or long-term contracts, fixed or variable rate plans. The choice is yours, but the clear choice is LifeEnergy.

Switch off Delmarva. Switch to LifeEnergy. By cutting the cord on your Delaware utility company and switching to LifeEnergy, you get affordability and predictability in your monthly electricity costs. While you’ll continue to receive your energy bill from Delmarva Power, the only major difference will be the amount you owe! Plus, by making the LifeSwitch, we handle everything to make sure your transition to cleaner and greener energy is a seamless experience. Make the choice today to switch to LifeEnergy.