How LifeEnergy is empowering Houstonians with 100% green energy and competitive, fixed-rate electric plans.

It should come as no surprise that air conditioning was invented right here in Houston. Of course, a lot of energy is required to keep the home of NASA, the Texas Medical Center, The Galleria, The Astros, The Texans, infinite taco trucks, MFAH, and 2.3+ million beautiful people (including Beyoncé) not only up and running, but cool and comfortable as well.

However, as hurricanes such as Harvey have continued to trouble our city, LifeEnergy realized that the way H-town is powered must change. Some exciting updates have been made to the way Houstonians get their power, and they aren’t just good for the city — your wallet will be feeling the love, too.

Deregulating energy in Texas

Living in a formerly “regulated” energy market meant that your energy supplier (the company that supplies electricity to the utilities) and the utilities themselves (the actual power lines, etc. that bring electricity to your home or business) are treated as one and the same. In other words, your local energy supplier was assigned to you, and that was it.

In our modern deregulated market, the electric supply companies aren’t the same as the utilities or wires companies. Instead, there are multiple kinds of energy supply companies, all of which choose what kind of energy (energy derived from fossil fuels or renewable resources) to send to the grid.

And customers now also have the opportunity to choose their preferred energy supplier, including based on where they source their energy. In other words, in choosing their energy company, Houstonians can vote with their energy dollars and choose what kind of energy they prefer to add to the grid.

It’s this market deregulation that makes it possible for LifeEnergy to provide Houstonians with green energy options.

(Note: Renewable energy can get confusing — for more info about how renewable energy actually works, check out our page on living the GreenLife: How does renewable energy work?)

LifeEnergy differs from other electric companies in Houston

LifeEnergy is one of the few renewable business energy suppliers and 100% renewable energy electricity suppliers for homes in Texas with affordable rates. In fact, a quick comparison of Houston electricity providers in Power to Choose shows that LifeEnergy often offers Texans the most competitive rate for renewable energy in Texas. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Our dedication to Houston, Houstonians, and to making renewable energy easier, are all part of our larger commitment to changing electric service everywhere for the better.

As the list of areas LifeEnergy serves continues to expand, it’s our mission to transform purchasing energy from a negative, confusing experience to an empowering one. It’s the 21st century: Electricity plans should be personalizable and simple, customers should be able to invest in renewable energy, and electricity contracts should be jargon-free.

LifeEnergy has shown that all these goals are possible.

Other electric companies in Houston can’t compare: Make the LifeSwitch to LifeEnergy today

Whoever says that everything is bigger in Texas hasn’t seen LifeEnergy’s rates. If you’re ready for a personalized, waste-free energy plan — be it for a UH starter apartment shared with three roommates, a River Oaks residence, a hole-in-the-wall in Montrose, or a megatall skyscraper in downtown — LifeEnergy has you covered.

The signup process is simple and takes only 5 minutes. Sign up online today!

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