Here at LifeEnergy, we’re passionate about renewable energy — but we’re also passionate about energy plans that make sense in the modern world. We are both environmentally friendly and backed by a blend of industry vets and digital-savvy professionals dedicated to building you a better energy-buying experience.

See for yourself — learn how LifeEnergy helps Corpus Christi save money on electricity, and helps our environment in the process.

A small Texas electric company on a big mission

Our dedication to making renewable energy easier to support and understand is part of our long-term commitment to changing electric companies everywhere for the better. It’s our mission to transform purchasing energy from a negative, confusing experience to an empowering one.

When you choose LifeEnergy, you’re choosing:

  • Personalized, simple electricity plans
  • 100% renewable energy options
  • A simple, jargon-free electricity contract

LifeEnergy is one of the few 100% renewable energy electricity suppliers for homes in Texas with truly affordable rates. A quick comparison of electricity providers in PowerToChoose shows that LifeEnergy often offers Texans one of the most competitive rates for renewable energy plans in Texas.

The electric company with Corpus Christi’s best interests in mind

LifeEnergy believes where you get your energy matters — and we don’t think caring about the environment should translate to paying more for the power you need. After all, Corpus Christi residents are our neighbors, and our personalizable plans, our 100% investment in renewable energy, and our tips on how to save energy reflect that.

If you’re ready for a waste-free energy plan built by a local energy provider, LifeEnergy has you covered. All you need is 5 minutes or less to sign up online today!

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