LifeEnergy is an electricity company that’s passionate about renewable energy for the modern world. After all, a lot of has changed about Philadelphia since Benjamin Franklin demonstrated the connection between lightning and energy, including how we acquire power for our homes and businesses.

It also takes a lot of energy to keep Philadelphian homes warm in the winter and cold in the summer, especially when so many of our homes were built before A/C and heating were even a thing.

LifeEnergy gets Philadelphia, and we’re offering a 100% renewable energy plan designed to power and preserve this beautiful city for generations to come. Learn how our plans work and how LifeEnergy makes it easy (and affordable) to go green in Philly.

Electricity Deregulation in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania passed energy deregulation laws in 1996. This change allowed independent suppliers like LifeEnergy to sell energy plans while the utility companies still handled the nuts and bolts of getting the energy to your home.

Twenty years later, many Philadelphians still use the utility as their energy supplier. But, yet again, things are beginning to change.

With Philly requiring electric distribution companies and energy suppliers to produce a minimum of 18% of total electric supply from qualified renewable energy resources by 2021, the need for new ways to acquire and purchase energy has never been bigger. Philadelphians are demanding more renewable options and more ways to define what kind of energy their money is adding to the grid.

(Note: Renewable energy and the way renewable electric service works can get confusing — for more info about how renewable energy actually works, check out our page on living the GreenLife: How does renewable energy work?)

LifeEnergy is a 100% renewable energy company for Philadelphia

LifeEnergy is giving Philadelphians what large utilities have not: 100% renewable energy plans sold in a transparent, easy-to-understand manner. In fact, LifeEnergy is one of the few 100% renewable energy electricity suppliers for homes.

Not only that, but LifeEnergy’s 100% renewable fixed plans are just that — fixed. That means no more confusing (and expensive) fluctuation in rates for the term of the contract.

Our dedication to Philadelphia, Philadelphians, and to making renewable energy easier, are all part of our larger commitment to changing electric companies everywhere for the better. It’s our mission to transform purchasing energy from a negative, confusing experience into an empowering one. What would Benjamin Franklin do if he ran an energy company in the 21st century? We like to think he’d so what LifeEnergy has: made electricity prices and plans personalizable and simple, enabled customers to invest in 100% renewable energy, and created electricity contracts that are jargon-free.

Other electric companies in Philly can’t compare — Make the LifeSwitch to LifeEnergy today!

Philadelphians may be known for our philly cheesesteaks and our love of sports, but we get excited about renewable energy, too. If you’re ready for a personalized, waste-free energy plan — be it for a Fishtown apartment shared with three roommates, a Center City West residence, a three-person startup, or a business housed in a megatall skyscraper — LifeEnergy has you covered.

All you need is 5 minutes or less to sign up online today!

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