Here’s the thing about electrical supply in Columbus: If it can’t keep you comfortable throughout your four seasons — almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction (aka broiling humidity) —  all without breaking the bank, then Ohioans won’t give it the time of day.

That’s why LifeEnergy is one of the fastest growing electricity companies in Columbus. Not only do we offer 100% green electricity to homes across Ohio, but we do so at competitive rates that can help save you money.

Columbus residents might not have their pick of the four seasons, but LifeEnergy ensures that you have a choice when it comes to electricity. Ready to take control of your electric supply? See what life with LifeEnergy could save you and your family today!

Energy Choice program in Columbus

Before Energy Choice was introduced in Ohio, there was no such thing as picking your electrical supply in Columbus, Ohio. At that time, people got their energy from the utility company, and that was that.

When Ohio adopted the Energy Choice program, it allowed customers of all stripes, be they large manufacturers or residential homeowners, to shop for energy options from a diverse group of competitive suppliers certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Meanwhile, the utilities in Ohio continue to deliver and manage the electrical equipment (meters, wires, poles).

The shift toward an open marketplace has been a boon for energy consumers; with suppliers vying for your business, the market has become more and more competitive.

As a relatively new electrical supplier, LifeEnergy may not be a household name yet, but we’ve already built a reputation for helping consumers understand what to look for in different plans.

Shopping for an energy plan in Columbus

When choosing an electric supply company in Columbus, Ohio, the most obvious thing that differentiates LifeEnergy from other companies is our competitive rates. However, a low energy rate is only one of many factors that contribute to a beneficial energy plan. We encourage you to keep the following questions in mind as you explore different electric suppliers in Columbus.

What’s the weather like in Columbus?

In Columbus, the weather tends to be somewhat predictable: cold winters, hot and humid summers. It’s when the snow begins to melt and the foliage begins to grow in spring that Columbus residents get a reprieve from not only the harsh weather but also energy costs. And it’s around this time of year (late April and May)  that LifeEnergy typically recommends electricity shopping for Columbus residents.

How big is your home?

Do you live in a starter apartment near OSU? A single-family home? A mansion? Is it well insulated, or does the cold find a way to creep in? Remember to factor in the size and condition of your home when evaluating plans, especially if you’re moving; your new residence may have different energy needs than your former home.

How stable is your energy usage?

Is your energy usage as stable and enduring as Ohio’s love for the scarlet and grey? If so, a tiered fixed plan like LifeEnergy PowerLife Plus could keep some extra cash in your pocket for another round of Yeunglings. But if your energy use is as unpredictable as the Doo Dah Parade, it may be in your best interest to get on a fixed-rate plan like the LifeEnergy SimpleLife Plan.

Do you want renewable energy?

As much as consumers have wanted to support renewable energy, doing so hasn’t always been easy. LifeEnergy has changed all of that. We are one of the only electric companies in Columbus that offsets 100% of your home energy usage with renewable energy, and all it takes is one click and five minutes of your time!

We also make it a priority to share information on how renewable energy works. Why? As the nation begins to make the transition to renewable energy, we want to be a go-to resource for your renewable energy questions.

LifeEnergy: Lighting Columbus, Ohio

LifeEnergy is proud to provide Ohio residents with straightforward, competitively priced, truly fixed-rate plans. Experience the LifeEnergy difference and join the growing number of Columbus residents making the LifeSwitch today! All it takes is one click and five minutes of your time.

Columbus power outages: Contacting the utility company vs. LifeEnergy

Your utility should be the first person you call in almost all instances of a power outage. The first step is to locate your utility, which you can do so by visiting PUCO’s website or by clicking here. Once you locate your utility, use the contact information provided to report an electricity outage.