LifeEnergy is an exciting, new electricity company that supplies the “City where Freedom Grows” with 100% renewable energy and a variety of plans with competitive rates. Current and future Killeen residents alike can now rest assured that, with LifeEnergy, it’s possible to secure an electricity plan that makes sense for their lives.

Energy freedom: Understanding energy and electric companies in Killeen

Texas electricity companies switched from a regulated energy market to deregulated energy market in the 1990s. For Killeen residents, that means you get to choose your electricity supplier instead of having to use the local utility — Oncor. The switch to a deregulated energy market gives you the following benefits:

  1. You can save money on your monthly power bill.
  2. You can opt for greener energy.
  3. You can switch suppliers without disconnecting.
  4. You can enjoy better customer service.
  5. You can take advantage of your chosen supplier’s loyalty programs.

It also means that the military men and women who live off-base now have the freedom to find a plan that will fit their budgets, as well as the freedom to choose a plan that offsets 100% of your energy usage with renewable energy for homes.

LifeEnergy in Killeen

Having entered the marketplace in 2015, we already power the lights of 7,515 households in the DFW metro area.

There is a range of popular LifeEnergy electricity plans among our customers in Abilene. For example, if you own a 2,500 sq. ft. house and your usage averages between 2,000 and 2,500 kWh monthly, LifeEnergy recommends its PowerLife plan. In this plan for high power users, the more electricity you consume, the less your monthly rate is. And like all our products, it’s 100% green and clean energy.

What to consider when shopping for an energy plan in Killeen

While the electricity rates in Killeen will (and should) play a role in your search, we recommend keeping some additional factors in mind when researching energy companies. Where applicable, we’ve applied Killeen-specific considerations.

How big is your home?

Are you moving into a small apartment? A mansion in Maxdale? The size of your home and the quality of its insulation have a huge influence on your bill. Typically, the bigger the house, the more appliances to power, the more air to condition, and the higher your bill.

How stable is your energy usage?

Do you use about the same amount of energy each month? If so, you might be able to keep some extra cash in your pocket on a tiered fixed plan such as the LifeEnergy PowerLife Plus tiered fixed plan.

If your energy use tends to fluctuate, it may be in your best interest to get on fixed-rate plan like the LifeEnergy SimpleLife Plan.

What’s the weather like where you live?

This question is especially pertinent for energy consumers who would do better on a fixed-rate plan. Why? Because it’s better to lock in a fixed rate when the weather outside is less extreme. In Killeen, for example, locking in a competitive energy rate during Texas’s mild wintertime can save you money when the temperature starts climbing up.  

Do you want renewable energy with a local company?

Of all of Killeen’s electric companies, LifeEnergy is one of the only ones that offsets 100% of your usage with renewable energy. (Not quite sure how energy offsets work? Check out our write-up of how renewable energy works). Not only are we focused on renewable energy, but we’re a local company, too, and we’re proud to help our neighbors!  

Make the LifeSwitch to LifeEnergy with 1 click

LifeEnergy proudly powers the lives of Killeen’s military and civilian residents. Run by industry experts, we’ve worked hard to make our contracts and plans simple and straightforward.

We’ve also made switching to LifeEnergy a quick and easy process. All it takes is one click and five minutes of your time. Flip the LifeSwitch and sign up today!  

LifeEnergy in more Texas cities near you:

What to do if your power goes out in Killeen

Your utility (Oncor) should be the first person you call in almost all instances of a power outage, To report an outage to Oncor, you can use their online portal or call them at 1-888-313-4747. Have your ESI ID ready, which you can locate on your electricity bill or online at Smart Meter Texas. To check on local outages, Oncor has created a frequently-updated map of reported power issues.