Are all electric companies in Fort Worth the same? They’re about the same as Fort Worth and Dallas…meaning not at all! While it might be tempting to lump LifeEnergy in with other electric companies in Fort Worth, a quick investigation reveals how our competitive, fixed rates and 100% renewable energy set us apart.

LifeEnergy supplies 100% green electricity to homes across Fort Worth and beyond. Run by industry experts who prioritize the use of renewable energy sources and who have an incredibly low tolerance for jargon-filled contracts, LifeEnergy is in the business of keeping the earth and your wallet happy. Learn about how we’re saving you money and make the LifeSwitch today!

The difference between fixed and fixin’ to cost you a lot of $$

Recently, we’ve noticed that there’s a lot of confusion around the different kinds of fixed-rate plans out there. Here’s why: In fixed-rate, tiered plans, your Fort Worth electric rates are fixed so long as you stay within a certain amount of energy usage. These plans can be very beneficial for the right customer! In fact, LifeEnergy has even had a popular tiered plan.

That said, fixed-rate, tiered plans are typically best for customers whose life is very stable.

Let’s say you and your family have a fixed rate plan so long as you stay under 1,500 kWh per month. That’s great most of the time, but what if you have a guest who stays for a week and likes the air conditioning to be cranked way down? What if you add a new member to your family?

With all of life’s changes, staying within the “right” amount of electricity usage can be difficult. Once you go above or below that prescribed usage amount, even if it’s just 1,501 kWh per month, you pay higher rates for any energy you consume for the rest of that billing cycle.

That’s why LifeEnergy has chosen to be a renewable energy electricity supplier that offers tiered plans (for those who prefer them) and competitive, truly fixed-rate plans. Whether you’re investing in either home or business electricity, with our non-tiered fixed-rate plan, the rate you sign up for is the rate you pay for the rest of your contract. No changes. End of story.

The 100% easy transition to 100% renewable energy

OK, here’s a little history: Starting in the 90s, electric companies in Texas began to operate in a deregulated energy market. Essentially, this means that Fort Worth residents have the ability to choose their power supplier instead of being required to use the utility as such.

In a broader context, having the ability to choose their energy provider gives Fort Worth residents the power mitigate how their energy use impacts their wallet and the planet.

The amazing thing? Choosing to have your energy consumption offset by 100% renewable energy isn’t going to require a great deal of change on your part. When you make the LifeSwitch and there won’t be a single flicker to mark the transition. You’ll have as much power as you’ve always had, but you’ll know you’re making a difference. 👏

Feel empowered by your power choice

There’s no reason that energy consumption should be as confusing. With LifeEnergy, you can cut bill shock out of your life while actively helping build a better future for our planet. We make it possible for you to run the A/C, tackle your tower of laundry, and Google every question you ever had — all with more green energy and less guilt.

It’s time to turn what was once a small, tedious chore into a big, easy win. All it takes is 1 click and 5 minutes to sign up!

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