We get it. Digging into the specifics of Abilene electric companies isn’t on your list of things that give you the warm fuzzies. But what if it could be? Meet LifeEnergy, a new kind of Abilene electric company that’s making a real difference for the environment and your community.

LifeEnergy supplies 100% renewable energy for homes and a variety of plans with competitive rates. Learn more about how Abilene residents can benefit from LifeEnergy and how we’re changing Texas electricity companies for the better.

Texas energy companies are changing

Texas electricity companies switched from a regulated energy market to deregulated energy market in the 1990s. When they did, they gave consumers and electric companies in Texas the opportunity to shake up how we sell and consume energy.

Specifically, Abilene residents can now choose their electricity supplier instead of being required to use AEP Texas, Abilene’s local utility company. While AEP Texas still maintains the energy infrastructure (including the power lines and poles), energy suppliers like LifeEnergy can offer consumers energy options, like renewable energy.

In other words, Abilenians now have the freedom to find a plan that not only fits their budget, but also offsets 100% of their energy usage with renewable energy for homes.

LifeEnergy in Abilene

Having entered the marketplace in 2015, we already power the lights of 7,515 households in the DFW metro area.

There is a range of popular LifeEnergy electricity plans among our customers in Killeen. For example, if you own a 2,500 sq. ft. house and your usage averages between 2,000 and 2,500 kWh monthly, LifeEnergy recommends its PowerLife plan. In this plan for high power users, the more electricity you consume, the less your monthly rate is. And like all our products, it’s 100% green and clean energy.

How to shop for an energy plan in Abilene

We know that most energy consumers looking for a new energy company are going to prioritize rates — and that’s why LifeEnergy’s rates in Abilene are so competitive. But even so, electricity rates are only one factor when selecting a plan. It’s worth asking yourself a few more questions before you sign a contract.

What kind of energy consumer are you?

Are you an ACU student moving into a starter apartment? Or perhaps you’re upgrading to a new house in Wylie? Either way, the size of your home and the quality of its insulation will influence your monthly bill amount.

Those who live in a large home will likely benefit from the LifeEnergy PowerLife Plus tiered fixed plan, while customers who live in a smaller space may save money with the LifeEnergy SimpleLife Plan.
However, you should also consider the stability of your energy usage. If you use the same amount of energy each month, the LifeEnergy PowerLife Plus tiered fixed plan can benefit both owners of any sized home. Is your usage a little less consistent? Our fixed LifeEnergy SimpleLife Plan is designed for people whose energy use fluctuates.

When is the temperature in Abilene the mildest?

The best time to snag a competitive fixed energy rate is when the temperature in your area is at its mildest. In Abilene (and most of Texas) that means locking in a rate during the wintertime, so that when summer comes, you can stay nice and cool without stressing about your energy bill.

Do you want renewable energy with a local company?

There’s big, corporate, anonymous Texas energy companies, and then there’s LifeEnergy. We are proud to be a local energy company that allows our neighbors to offset 100% of their energy usage with renewable energy. (We’ve also written a refresher on how renewable energy works if you need it!)

LifeEnergy makes going green easy

Switching energy companies and understanding your energy contract has never been what anyone would call easy. But LifeEnergy is different than other energy companies in Abilene
With LifeEnergy, you can go green with one of our simple, straightforward plans — all with one click and five minutes.

It’s that easy. Go ahead, flip the LifeSwitch and sign up today!

LifeEnergy in more Texas cities near you

What to do if your power goes out in Abilene

To resolve the vast majority of power outages, consumers you should contact their utility. To report an outage to AEP Texas, you can use their online portal or call them at 1-877-373-4858. To check on local outages, AEP Texas has created a frequently-updated map of reported power issues.