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Top 5 Reasons to Make the LifeSwitch

  • 1

    Personalized and waste-free electricity. Select a plan designed for your Tiny House or 10-bedroom McMansion.

  • 2

    No gimmicks. No drama. No surprises. Just good ol' electricity, at a transparent and fixed rate.

  • 3

    We love our customers. And our services and promotions prove it!

  • 4

    100% green and paperless.

  • 5

    1 word: Simple.

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It's time to make that LifeSwitch.


Finally. Electricity plans that fit your lifestyle.



Personalized Electricity

It’s all about you! Answer a few basic questions like "do you live in an apartment or house?" and "how many bedrooms do you have?" Then, we'll recommend a plan personalized to your living situation. Whether you need more or need less, we have your back – but you keep your shirt.


Simplified Electricity

The SimpleLife plan is a basic, fixed price electric plan. Customers lock in a competitive rate for the term length of their contract. No hidden fees. Just affordable, fixed rate electricity – pure and simple. Predictability guaranteed.


Powerful Electricity

For our high power users, the PowerLife plan is ideal. The more electricity you consume, the less your monthly rate is. And like all our products, it's 100% green and clean energy. Power your life with earth-friendly electricity.

Get electricity for your home

Don't let the others confuse you with complex and hard-to-understand electricity plans. LifeEnergy offers choice, convenience, and simplicity when it comes to home energy products.


Get electricity for your business

Whether your business is large or small, new to the marketplace or an established operation, choosing LifeEnergy as your commercial electricity supplier is the right choice for your energy-related bottom line.