When choosing an Arlington electric company, there’s no room for compromise. After all, Arlington is accustomed to the best. When you live in the city that’s home to the only pro baseball and football teams that matter, first-rate MENSA minds, and top quality theater year-round, why should you sacrifice quality when looking for renewable energy?

LifeEnergy isn’t like other electric companies in Texas. As one of the fastest growing electricity companies in Texas, we offer both competitive rates and 100% green electricity to homes across Arlington. And we mean allllllll the way across Arlington! See how LifeEnergy gives Arlington residents choice and control when it comes to their electricity.

The Arlington electricity facts all residents should know

Arlington residents were given the ability to choose what company supplied their energy in the 90s when Texas deregulated the energy market. Up to that point, residents had to rely on the utility company to provide their power, and that was that.

Today, Arlington’s main utility — Oncor — still delivers power through the electrical equipment (meters, wires, poles), but now, Arlington residents can choose their own energy supplier. Deregulation helps keep Texas’s average energy costs lower than those of states with regulated energy.

While Arlington’s energy marketplace may be more competitive than average, it hasn’t gotten any less confusing.That’s why LifeEnergy helps the people of Arlington make wise choices as they shop for electricity companies and plans.

Shopping for an Arlington electric company and plan

What do you think is the leading factor shoppers keep in mind when choosing between Arlington electric companies? You guessed it: A low energy rate. While it’s smart to shop around for promising rates, we encourage you to keep some extra details in mind.

What’s the weather like in Arlington?

If we had to sum up Arlington weather in one word, it would be hot. The exception to this rule is Arlington’s relatively mild winters. It’s during this brief reprieve from the heat that Arlington electricity rates tend to be lower; that’s why we recommend that Arlington residents shop for electricity in the winter.

Psst… For more Arlington winter energy tips, check out our article on setting your heater in winter.

How big is your home?

Are you a UTA student living in a starter apartment? Or a pro athlete relaxing in your (third) mansion? Either way, know this: A plan that’s good for a big home may not hold the same advantages for a smaller one, and vice versa.

How stable is your energy usage?

Is your energy usage as stable and enduring as Texas pride? If so, a tiered fixed plan such as the LifeEnergy PowerLife Plus could help you squirrel away more savings. But if your energy use is as unpredictable as, say, the Cowboys’ offense (sad, but true), it may be in your best interest to get on a fixed-rate plan like the LifeEnergy SimpleLife Plan.

Do you want renewable energy?

No other electricity company approaches renewable energy the same way. LifeEnergy is one of the only electric companies in Arlington that offsets 100% of your home energy usage with renewable energy. We also make it a priority to share information on how renewable energy works so that our customers always know what’s new and what’s next in renewable energy — both in Texas and around the nation.

LifeEnergy in Arlington

Since entering the Arlington electric marketplace 2015, we have already powered 7,515 households across the DFW metro area.

LifeEnergy has several electricity plans popular with our customers in Arlington. For example, if you own a 2,500 sq. ft. house and your usage averages between 2,000 and 2,500 kWh monthly, LifeEnergy recommends its PowerLife plan. In this plan for high power users, the more electricity you consume, the lower your monthly rate is. And like all our products, it’s 100% green and clean energy.

Find the best electric company in Arlington for you: LifeEnergy

LifeEnergy takes our commitment to renewable energy and our customers seriously. Our straightforward, competitively priced, truly fixed-rate plans, are built to give you peace of mind.

Experience the LifeEnergy difference and join the growing number of Arlington residents making the LifeSwitch today.
Simply enter your zip code and get a quote. All it takes is one click and five minutes of your time.

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