Summer Electricity Savings

Ways to Save on your Electric Bill in Summer

What makes your electric bill so high in the summer? The sun, obviously.

What’s less obvious is figuring out ways to save money on your electric bill in the summer without sacrificing comfort. There are some simple steps you can take to keep your home cool and your bills low during the summer heat.

LifeEnergy, who also brought you the illustrious blogs, “How to Lower your Electricity Bill in Winter” and, “What’s the Best Temperature for your Heater in Winter?” will now show you how to tackle the financial woes that many of us face each summer season.

How do I keep my electric bill low in the summer?

The first thing that we’d advise you to do is take a look at your energy plan and see if you’re either paying energy rates that are higher than average or are losing cash to unexpected base charges.  

Sound like your current energy plan? Then check out energy plans like LifeEnergy’s MyLife Plan, which not only has competitive rates and offers one fixed monthly price but also offsets your electricity use toward 100% renewable energy.

If you live in the areas we serve, the MyLife Plan could save you a bundle and get you started on a new GreenLife with renewable energy, all without you having to lay a finger on the thermostat.

Have a 100% renewable energy plan with LifeEnergy already? That’s when it’s time to examine the complex relationship between the sun, your house, your A/C, and your electric bill.

Ways to keep your house cool without blasting the A/C

Invest in programmable thermostats

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Programmable thermostats are your best friend if you’re trying to save on your electricity bill, no matter what time of year it is. Once set, these handy devices will remember to turn your A/C off and on so that you don’t have to. You can even check in and access them remotely.

Raise the temperature

At what temperature do you normally keep your house? Could you stand to go a degree or two warmer during the summer, at least during the day? Experts suggest that most people are still comfortable at 78 degrees. If that sounds like too big of a leap to you, try adjusting the thermostat just one degree at a time per week and go from there.

Clean your A/C

A clean A/C is a more efficient A/C. Make sure to change your air filters frequently and try to have maintenance performed during the offseason, before the weather gets too extreme.

Cook outside

Summer is grilling season! There’s a reason why we associate summer cooking with the outdoors. Before we had A/C, cooking indoors in the summer was, among other things, equivalent to turning your own home into a dry sauna. It’s still wise to cook outside at least once a week during the summer. If that’s not an option for you, we recommend using slow cookers or pressure cookers, which let off a little less heat than a traditional oven.

Leave the house

During the week, many families are already out of the house for up to 8 hours (for work or for school). Another way to save on your cooling costs is to continue this habit into the weekend by taking regular family outings during the heat of the day. Just make sure to turn the A/C off before you leave!

Throw some shade

Planting shrubs and trees around your house can be a hugely beneficial way to save on your electric bill in the summer. The shade these trees provide your home can significantly reduce the temperature of your house. If you don’t have natural shade (or your shrubs and trees are still too small to provide adequate coverage), you can still cut costs by pulling down your shades, especially in the morning and the evening.

LifeEnergy can help you stay cool for less

Keeping your home energy efficient during the summer not only keeps you cool, but is great for the environment, too. That’s an idea LifeEnergy, which proudly provides plans that offset your energy use with 100% renewable energy, can get behind.

Become friends with the sun again. Sign up with our MyLife Plan today. It only takes 1 click and 5 minutes!

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