LifeEnergy’s New Website Offers Personalized Products for the Consumer On the Go!

LifeEnergy takes its consumer-centric operating model to new levels with the launch of redesigned website ( that offers products designed for a customer’s unique lifestyle.

LifeEnergy knows what consumers value most: an uncomplicated energy plan that meets their exact needs. Consumers visiting the website have the option to enroll using LifeEnergy’s innovative MyLife plan, a plan designed towards matching consumers with a rate that fits their living situation. Alternatively, traditional fixed-rate electricity plans are also available, like LifeEnergy’s SimpleLife and PowerLife products.

LifeEnergy focuses on easily comprehensible plans that not only helps consumers know what they are paying for on a monthly basis but also helps them budget for their individualized lifestyles.

To add further convenience to consumer’s on-the-go, the company’s platform is mobileoptimized— giving consumers an easy enrollment process in the palm of their hands.

“With our simplified enrollment process, LifeEnergy has removed the complexity from the buying process by allowing consumers to easily pick a plan that is right for them. And with our new, innovative site, our consumers now have even easier access to plans that are customized according to their lifestyle,” says Chief Operating Officer (COO) Victor Howard.

LifeEnergy will continue to make it easier for consumers to take control of their electricity rates through updates to its online platform and by offering energy-related products and services that is based on the consumer, not the market.

For more information on LifeEnergy products and services, call 844-662-1222 or visit us online at

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