5 Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage

During emergencies and natural disasters, your home could be without electricity. Whether your outage is due to a hurricane or heavy snow storm, it’s important to be prepared. If an outage were to happen to you today, would you have everything necessary to survive without power? Here at LifeEnergy, we encourage you to prepare for the unexpected so that a power outage does not mean complete chaos in your household. There are a few items we would recommend that you have in your home to make power outages less stressful. These are:

  1. Flashlight – It is best to keep a flashlight with spare batteries somewhere easily accessible to you. People sometimes say they don’t need one because they have a flashlight app on their smartphone. However, if a power outage lasts longer than the battery life of your phone, you will have no light. Battery powered camping lamps can also help light up whole rooms.
  2. Candles, Lighters and Matches – It is crucial that your flashlight is not the only source of light that you have available. Candles will illuminate a room without using electricity and can also provide a fire.  This fire can provide warmth and can be used to cook food.  However, please be careful where you place candles; ensure that they are out of reach of young children and away from drapes and walls so they do not catch fire.
  3. Battery, Solar or Wind Up Radio – These types of radios are a real essential in a power outage. It is important to keep up with your local weather station in case there are any threats or dangers in your area, and they also are a good source of entertainment. Make sure your radio is in good working order and test it once a year.
  4. Books or Board Games – If there is no power, you can get bored fast. However, if you have some good books or board games, these can keep you and your family entertained for several hours with no electricity.
  5. Supply of Water and Food – Severe power outages can last for weeks. To be safe, keep a box full of bottled water and packaged foods that need little or no preparation to eat.  We recommend that you prepare for at least 1 week without power.

Power outages can happen at any time without any explanation. If you have these items in your home, then you can feel safe even when the power is out. We hope that power outages never happen to you, but, if they do you can be prepared and ready. If you experience a power outage, please visit our website and contact your utility at the Utility Contact Information page located under the Learn More tab.