Back to School

As Summer quickly comes to an end, many of you have begun focusing on going back to school. Whether you have kids going into primary school or going off to college, no doubt you are busy shopping for all the necessities to return to school. Here are a few tips from LifeEnergy to ease the transition:

Prepare for the Nightmare
Even if you don’t have kids, however, it is time to start preparing yourself for the school year traffic. But don’t worry, LifeEnergy is here to help. Make sure to have a game plan on when the best time to leave is and the fastest routes to take. There are plenty of navigation applications like Waze and Google maps that allow you to miss the traffic by taking back streets. This will help with your punctuality AND your headache.

Prepare what to wear
One of the most frustrating morning tasks is realizing your late and have NOTHING to wear. No one wants to dig through their laundry to find the one shirt that still smells clean. Prep a week before hand and figure out which outfit will be used for which day. This will save you time at night and keeps your room in order as it will no longer be necessary to toss every item of clothing all over the place. Make sure to have the same routine for your kids so that the entire family can have a stress free morning!

Prepare the lair
One thing that can assist you and your children for Back to School time is having your home prepped to make everyday tasks easier for everyone. Create an area that allows you to check your schedule, post a daily routine, a homework station or a lunchbox cupboard. This will help you organize your day as well as make the process speedy quick.

Prepare for warfare
Sleep is extremely important and as adults we are happy to grab a quick nap here or there. Back to school means back to a schedule for the little ones and it can be a battle to get them into bed. Make sure to set up a sleep schedule so that you can plan when to have dinner, when the TV needs to be turned off, etc. This will help them be more productive in school and help you grab some well-deserved rest of your own!

Prepare to share
Sharing is caring, and going back would be a lot easier if you only had to drop your kids off at school once a week! Speak to other parents before school starts and see if you can manage a rotor for carpooling to school. Not only does this reduce your stress but it also saves you fuel and reduces carbon emissions for all families involved!