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You wake up in the morning and head straight to work for the day normally feeling tired, wishing you had a little more energy. At LifeEnergy, we all have our own techniques to keep our energy levels raised throughout the day without just drinking coffee to stay awake! We have selected a few of our favorite ways to raise energy levels and to keep us motivated throughout the rest of the day.

Morning Exercises

Wake up earlier in the morning, only by about 10 minutes and get some exercise in before your morning shower. Waking up earlier to get the heart rate going makes you feel more energized and accomplished since you have already done something good for your body before work! Besides, a large majority of us struggle to integrate exercising into our daily routines but this way, you can get the heart pumping early in the morning. A few good things to try are yoga, pushups, abdominal exercises and stretching.

Get Outside

According to the National Institute of Health you should be getting 10-15 minutes of sun every day at a minimum. Making sure you do get outside every day is important because exposure to sunlight gives you a boost of vitamin D which is proven to result in a better mood and more energy throughout the day. Scheduling times of the day to go out for walks either with your family or just your pets are a great way of getting out there.

Take a Mental Break

Stop everything for 5 minutes. Just let your mind wonder and think of anything that pleases you. A good example of this would be to focus on a planned holiday you have or activities you are looking forward to this weekend. Give your brain a break from all the work, negative thoughts and emotions. Another example is to take five minutes to get out the building you’re in and walk around, take some deep breaths and focus on your breathing. This will help you feel rejuvenated and more motivated!

Stay Positive

Positivity is one of the best ways to increase energy, belief and motivation. Every day is not going to go exactly how you plan. Some days your boss will be angry, other days you will get sick, it’s just life. However, if you let these things keep you down it is hard to find motivation and enjoyment for anything life has to offer. Instead think in a positive manner! Thinking positively gives you more energy, more motivation and belief in yourself that you can get out of this little blip that life has thrown at you.

Do things for yourself

One way to keep yourself engaged throughout the day is by doing small things you will enjoy. A good example of this is bringing yourself a piece of chocolate or your favorite candy to work. Reward yourself when you have done things that you are proud of, go to your favorite restaurant and celebrate whatever you did even if it was just getting through the hard week at work. These small things help you stay energized, motivated and happy! You are the best person that knows how to make yourself happy so go out and do something for yourself today! You deserve it!