Summer Energy Tips 101

Feelin’ the heat? You can still stay in the kitchen!

With summer in full swing, you can expect a large array of flip flops, sun screen, cold drinks and fun with the family. However, what happens when the heat becomes too much? You head inside to cool off!

However, it doesn’t take an electricity news junkie to know that your energy bill may be running up. We want to share a few tips on how to save some green this summer so that you can enjoy your fun in the sun without the whopping electricity bill.

Make sure to keep it spinnin’!

Instead of heading straight for the down button on your A/C unit – try turning on your ceiling fan. This will cause you to use less energy and keeps air moving throughout your home. This can help lower the costs of your energy bill by 14% while still keeping you cool for the summer.

Head out on the town!

Home is definitely where the heart is – but make sure to get out a little bit with friends and family. The more time you are out enjoying yourself the less energy you will be using at home. Summer tends to lead to exciting and sometimes FREE events around your area – so consider trying something new!

Unplug yourself!

You’re about to head out to meet up with some friends or you’re on your way out to work – make sure you unplug all your electric devices that you don’t need on. Even though these items may be turned off they may still be pulling electricity. By unplugging yourself, you could have some major energy savings and help your electronics last longer!

Hit the cold button – and not on your A/C unit.

When you decide it’s finally time to tackle that huge mountain of laundry you’ve been avoiding make sure to hit the cold button. By avoiding warm or hot water you save energy AND money. Now you are ready to climb Mt. Everest (aka that huge pile of clothes!).

Let it SHINE!

Did you know that just by switching out your light bulbs for energy efficient LED light bulbs you can save money and energy? Not only is this a quick and easy fix but it is also relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Lighting comprises about 5% of the average American household’s energy bill but imagine if you could keep that in your pocket! Check out these options in your local hardware store.

Turn it down!

One of the best ways to keep yourself cool this summer is by turning down the temperature when you shower. Showering in colder water cools your whole body and saves you some money since the water doesn’t need to be heated!

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